Language, Art, Music courses in Brno
Language, Art, Music courses in Brno

The Multicultural Center Brusinka is an educational, leisure time, non-profit and non-governmental organization working in Brno since 2020. We provide activities of almost all formats to the whole community in the city. Our center acts as a mediator between foreigners and the locals in the integration process. Our activities are open for the general public as well as for institutions.

As a Multicultural Center we are a special space in Brno, which serves as a mean for the dissemination of different educational, artistic, cultural expressions to unite people from different backgrounds. Our Center allows inter-generational exchanges and community-building for the inhabitants of our city to have a physical space to openly express themselves and celebrate their diversity in unison. For this matter, the Center’s programs and activities are developed to increase the awareness, understanding, support and intersectionality of the various identities in the local community.

The Multicultural Center is a safe place for foreigners, expats and locals. The national diversity helps dispel negative stereotypes and also recognize and respect different groups so that as we interact with others we can build bridges to trust, respect, and understanding across cultures.

Most of the members of our team speak three languages: English, Czech, Russian and also Ukrainian. We can help you also to solve your problems with misunderstanding with local organizations.

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The Language Branch offers online and offline courses of Czech, Russian, English, Italian, German, Ukrainian for beginners and advanced learners. The courses include exam preparation and public speaking. Among the rest are translations and interpreting services from/into Russian, Czech and English, as well as legal document translations.

The Creative Branch offers art lessons, vocal classes, piano, guitar, flute, violin, acting and drama classes in English, Czech or Russian. To support our talents, we constantly organise concerts, parties, art evenings and competitions.

The Leisure Time Branch offers camp programs for kids, mini kindergarten, workshops, exhibitions, sightseeing excursions with guides, international club, discussion hours and board games groups.

The Cooperation Department additionally brings us the possibility to join different projects with local organizations: Husa na provázku theater, creative zone Co. Labs, National theater of Brno (NDB), Moravian Land Museum (MZM), Brno Philharmonics, Student’s Radio R and many others. Multicultural Center Brusinka also features a rich and varied library.

Also your children from 4 years old can go in for sports and join our multicultural Rugby club!

Brusinka managed to create a space suitable for all ages and ethnics since different national backgrounds bring in diverse sets of knowledge, expertise, and wisdom. You can surely find not only an activity for yourself, but, for your kid too!