Centrum Brusinka is the Educational, Leisure Time Activity non-profit Multicultural organization. We are working in Brno since 2018 providing a wide range of activities to the local community, children, students, and adults. As a multicultural center we are forming a space in Brno with the intention of serving as a means for the dissemination of different educational, artistic, cultural expressions to unite people from different backgrounds.

Most of the members of our team speak three languages: English, Czech and Russian

The Language Branch offers online and offline courses of Czech, Russian, English, Italian, Spanish, French for beginners and advanced learners. The courses include exam and test preparation (pre-school, gymnasium, universal leaving qualification Maturita, high school), also public speaking lessons. Among the rest are translations and interpreting services from/into Russian, Czech and English, including legal document translations.

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The Creative Branch offers art lessons, vocal classes, piano, guitar, flute, violin, acting and drama classes in Russian, English, or Czech language prepared by professional teachers with three and more years of teaching practice in this field. Concerts and art evenings are included as well as many other cultural events.

The Leisure Time Branch offers camp programs for kids, workshops, exhibitions, sightseeing excursions with guides, multicultural club, discussion hours and board games groups – all is beneficial for practicing conversation skills.

Centrum Brusinka features a rich and varied library, with books in Russian, English, Czech and French. Especially we encourage our students and everyone who is interested in Russian language, so you can come and borrow some books you like to read.

Also your children from 5 years old can go in for sports and join our Rugby club!

We often get asked if we can recommend our lessons and activities for children and the answer is definitely YES!  Centre was initially planned to be an educational place for kids of young to teen age, coming from foreign families specifically to help them in developing their skills, cultural integration and last but not least spending good time together.

Today that place transformed into a cozy Educational and Multicultural center for adults and kids who wants to educate. Our friendly, experienced and enthusiastic team of professionals get used to take care of the youngest ones, but also can help adults to grow skills in a right way!

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