Our Multicultural Center is offering art classes and activities for learning and practicing painting and drawing.

We are offering:

  • Individual Art classes for children and adults
  • Art workshops
  • Birthday or corporate parties or with art workshop sessions
  • Group classes for children 5+

Also you can order some painting works from our teachers.

Individual offline or online lessons
1 trial lesson45/60/90 minutes
310/410/610 CZK
5 lessons45/60/90 minutes
1500/2000/3000 CZK
10 lessons45/60/90 minutes
2800/3800/5600 CZK
Group offline lessons
10 lessons for adults60 minutes
2000 CZK
10 lessons for children60 minutes
1800 CZK
Art Workshop with Wine
per person2 hours
450 CZK
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