We are located in Brno, Czech Republic

We speak mainly English, Czech, Russian, Ukranian
ruština brno

You can find us here: Poděbradova 133, 612 00 Brno-Ponava
GPS: 49.2160184148, 16.6013440169

How to get there: trams 1, 6 (stops Kartouzská & Šumavská, 5 minutes on foot)
bus 67 (stops Reissigova & Štefánikova, 3 minutes on foot)

jazykove kurzy v brne


Phone contacts:

📞+420 608 454 618
Mgr. Viktoria Nikolaeva
Managing Director

📞+420 776 091 579
Mgr. Roman Reshetnikov
Marketing Manager

📞+420 792 560 441
Sofiya Abduraimova
Communications Manager

Main opening hours:
— from Monday to Friday from 12:00-17:00
— on Saturday from 9:00-13:00
(please do not come without appointment!)

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Ruština v Brně — výuka a doučování ruského jazyka v Králově Poli
Kurzy češtiny v Brně a online

You can contact us via form:

    Centrum Brusinka, z.s.
    IČO: 09362380
    Spisová značka L 27092/KSBR Krajský soud v Brně

    You can contribute to the development of our non-profit organization that promotes the development of the Multicultural environment in Brno and the integration of foreigners. Your donation will be used for the rent and events.

    The donations are accepted to account number 2601846916/2010.

    IBAN CZ5320100000002601846916

    Thank you very much for your support!