Events for locals and foreigners in Brno

Multicultural Center Brusinka is arranging different kind of events every month in different languages, but mainly Russian, Czech and English. Our activities include educational programs, cultural events, charity projects as well as library, translation and information services.

We are experienced in:

  • Multicultural concerts
  • Music and dancing festivals for children in different languages
  • Traditional workshops, representing the customs, traditions and cuisine of different countries
  • Multicultural BBQ parties for foreigners
  • Art workshops with wine for adults
  • Art, cooking, music workshops for children
  • Book clubs
  • New year celebrations

We have students and event attendees from South Africa, Egypt, India, France, Italy, Argentina, Mexico, Romania, Russia, Ukraine and other countries.

If you would like to organize your cultural event in Brno please contact us, we will help you!