Language courses in Brno

The Multicultural Center Brusnika offers several educational programs depending on the age, written and verbal skills of students.

You can choose from our offer for adults and children:

  • Czech language
  • English language
  • Russian language
  • Italian language
  • German language
  • Exam preparation (English, Czech, Russian, German)
  • Gymnasium entrance exam preparation
  • School entrance preparation
Individual offline or online lessons
1 trial lesson45/60/90 minutes
310/410/610 CZK
5 lessons45/60/90 minutes
1500/2000/3000 CZK
10 lessons45/60/90 minutes
2800/3800/5600 CZK
Group offline lessons
10 lessons for adults60 minutes
2000 CZK
10 lessons for children60 minutes
1800 CZK
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