Rugby Multisport Club in Brno

Come to try and play rugby with us!

You will get basic exercise training with us, but for sure new friends as well and also learn Czech language.

Our “Ragbík” is a multi-sport club with values. We learn team cohesion, winning and losing,
but most of all we learn to pick ourselves up after every fall and fight on. That fits life, don’t you think?

Where? Sports stadium near Luzhanky park, Sportovní 347/2*
When? Every Tuesday from 16:00, every Friday from 16:30, we start on September 16th
For whom? Boys and girls from 5 to 12 years old

Ragby Brno

How much does it cost?
Price for one semester (September-January, February-June):
1 day per week, 1 kid 2100 CZK
1 day per week, 2 kids 3900 CZK in total (2100 + 1800)
2 days per week, 1 kid 4100 CZK
2 days per week, 2 kids 5900 CZK in total (4100 + 1800)

What to take with you?
1. Shorts, t-shirt – outdoor clothing, sports without zips, for getting dirty.
2. Sneakers or football boots, but preferably ragby boots.
3. A drinking bottle.

We will be happy to guide you through the world of rugby. We look forward to you!

*In winter, as soon as the weather gets drier, we will go to the gym of ZŠ Husova 17, where the conditions are exactly the same except for the football boots, so: tennis shoes, shorts/sweatpants, T-shirt, drink with you to training

Our trainers

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